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Advanced bootloader for Set-Top Box device

bootloader-stb The goal of the project was to develop the advanced bootloader which is based on the U-Boot and intended for the Set-Top Box device. The main bootloader’s task is to upgrade and boot the high-level software.

The device is built on the ST71xx CPU family, where the bootloader, operation system’s image and all necessary data are stored on the NAND memory.

In order to perform the upgrade process the TCP/IP stack (lwIP) has been implemented and HTTP client and dedicated client based on UDP protocol have been developed. Additionally there is a possibility to load the new software from a storage memory with USB interface.

Bootloader displays the splash screen in SD mode (HDMI interface) during it’s execution. The progress of the performing process is also presented in the graphical mode. Interaction with user is performed by remote control unit working in IrDA standard.

The created bootloader successfully works in the mass produced and used devices in the digital television industry.

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