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Porting and modification of coreboot BIOS on the MSM800BEV hardware platform

coreboot-msm800bev The main goal of this project is providing BIOS custom replacement which initializes as fast as possible all of required components contained in MSM800BEV hardware platform and runs Linux operating system.

The MSM800BEV board based on AMD Geode LX800 processor is fitted by default with BIOS version which needs more than 21 seconds to initialize and configure all of available modules and execute the GRUB bootloader.

My proposed solution bases mainly on the coreboot project which provides the open source alternative for the proprietary BIOS of many hardware platforms. By having an access to its source code I was able to make the necessary modifications and create some useful extensions to the MSM800BEV port of coreboot project.

In result, I developed the BIOS replacement which is able to boot the Linux operating system in only 4.1 seconds.

Additionally, the default GRUB bootloader was replaced by smaller and faster FILO bootloader.

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