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EE-Tracker - GPS tracking system

triton_qnx The main goal of project was developing the remote tracking system of moving objects such as vehicles, packages or people. The primary assumption is a possibility of tracking the own fleets from every place via web browser. After all, the final product which is called EE-Tracker was created.

The system consists of the three main modules. The first one is a portable GPS receiver which periodically connects with the nearest GPS satellite and receives information about current geographical position. Next, these data are sent via GPRS technology to the central server.

Server functionality is realized by an effective, multithreaded application which is written in C language and run on Linux operating system. This application is responsible for authorization, obtention, verification and storage data in the MySQL database.

The third part is a user interface which is based on the EE-Tracker website. Basically, it authorizes users, manages their fleets and presents the tracked objects on the interactive map.

I encourage you to visit the EE-Tracker home page, where you can test the demo version.

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