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Prototype of Internet radio stations player

coreboot-msm800bev The goal of project was design and creating the prototype of device which can play the Internet or local radio stations.

Device is able to work without any user intervention and can by remote controlled by an administrator through the network. The additional feature is possibility of creating and playing the playlist of MP3 files stored on the LAN server.

The player based on the embedded computer with ARM family processor and specially prepared the embedded Linux operating system. The main part of software which realizes the multimedia functions is VLC Media Player which was ported to desired hardware platform.

Below you can see the one of stages of work:



Device was designed by default for the wellness centre but its functionality makes possibility to use it everywhere where is a need of central management of Internet radio stations or music files playing.

Project is a prototype which is still developed. In the future it is planned to add the touch screen and ergonomic and practical cover.

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