In each project I put a lot of engagement, determination and passion


I have a pleasure to offer you my knowledge and strong experience in embedded systems design and development. Please feel invited to familirize with descriptions of my services below and finished projects.


Low-level solutions

I specialize in creating the software components related with hardware platform. I write and modify the firmware, bootloaders and BIOS. I'm an author of device drivers for the most popular operating systems (Linux/ Android/ QNX/ Windows) and source code which initializes required hardware components such as RAM and NAND memory or communication interfaces.

Embedded systems

I have an experience with the most popular hardware architectures such as x86, ARM and DSP cores. I prepare and configure the operating systems images with the required files systems and software tools. My embedded systems are designed for working in the mission-critical environments like forest, industry or in the consumer devices.

System software

I'm able to extend the functionality of the operating systems by creating devices drivers, managers and system tools. My solutions are successfully used as the upgrading and verification systems, audio managers, data acquisition servers and communication modules which works in Linux/Android and QNX embedded operating systems.

Board Support Packages (BSP)

I have experience and knowledge to create the board support packages which are the set of software modules dedicated for the particular hardware platform. They are responsible for preparing and executing the higher layers such as operating system of user application. Basically, they consist of bootloader, device drivers, operating system image, file system and configuration of the required devices.

Dedicated software

I create the complex software for the particular request. My projects work in various and multi-threading applications such as education, multimedia or monitoring systems, industrial devices and medical solutions.


I'm able to professionally analyze already created solution and propose possible improvements. I can also help with software architecture design, project documentation creating and solving bugs in your software.